Finally, wxBanker 0.9!

Two years since the last minor release of wxBanker, I finally made it a priority to release the next version of wxBanker, 0.9. If you aren’t familiar with it, wxBanker is a personal finance application in the Ubuntu repository, designed to be as simple as possible. Here’s my favorite review in the Ubuntu Software Center:

By far the best money manager I’ve ever used, on Linux or otherwise. I searched long and hard for a simple account tracker for several years until coming across wxBanker. Its interface is clean and easy to use. It supports anything you would expect in a typical money manager: recurring transactions, import/export, account transfers, tagging and many other useful features.

So, what’s new in the latest version?

  • integration restored
  • 16 new currencies based on user requests
  • bug fixes: rare startup crashes, CSV export with Unicode characters
  • initial step towards multi-currency: accounts can specify their own currency
  • under the hood work for the beginnings of OSX support
  • minor UX and translation improvements

Now that these are out of the way, I’d love to work on 1.0 and make the following improvements based on what I’ve been running to:

  • ability to archive accounts (their transactions will still exist and show up in graphs, but the accounts won’t show up in the left-side or transfer list)
  • when making a transfer, accounts remember the last account they transferred from/to
  • show the last few transactions when hovering or clicking the status
  • add a “yellow” status which means a recent balance matches Mint, but you have new transactions which Mint doesn’t know about (yet)
  • better representation of transactions dated in the future

I’d love to hear if you use anything to track your personal finances, and if you have any questions or thoughts about wxBanker!