Monthly Archives: September 2013

Visualizing BatchedInbox Users is a free service I created that allows Gmail users to only have emails delivered at certain times throughout the day, instead of being distracted regularly. It, in one user’s words, “cures inbox addiction.”

For some fortuitous reason, the number of daily active batchers has been growing slowly but steadily over the past few weeks. Most of the traffic is direct, so I’m suspecting and hoping that users themselves are recommending the service to others. Anyway, now I’ve got (just) enough data to validate having fun generating a few anonymous graphs.

First, I was interested to see which delivery options people preferred. Batchers can choose to have emails delivered at one, two, or three specific times daily (at 8am, 12pm, and 5pm for example), or hourly on the hour:

The majority of users have configured their email to arrive at three specific times throughout the day, while another quarter receive emails every hour. I was quite surprised to see that deliveries only once daily (my personal setting) was actually more popular than twice-daily deliveries. Neat!

Second, I was curious how many users are, versus other domains:

I was surprised to see that almost a third of users are using custom domains. Of the non-Gmail domains, all were unique.

Random final facts include that the oldest active Batcher (who isn’t me) has been batching for about 6 months, while the median active user age is only 16 days, demonstrating the recent growth.

Is there anything else interesting I should graph? Do you have any questions about BatchedInbox?