Introducing Mike’s Goals: Simple Goal Tracking

Earlier this year, I started using to keep track of my goals. The idea was that if I 1) defined the habits I wanted to have, and 2) looked at it daily, then I’d be encouraged and more likely to do them.

Based on a year of use, it definitely worked! I kept it as a pinned tab in Chrome and looked at it daily. If a checkmark was missing, it was a reminder to act. If a lot of checkmarks were missing, it was a reminder to change my schedule or behavior.

However, as I used Joe’s Goals more, I found it had a few problems: visual clutter, frequent downtime, functional complexity, and lack of perspective for infrequent (weekly / monthly) goals.

To address this, I created a very similar application, simplifying the UI, removing features I didn’t use (negative goals), and adding the ability to have weekly, monthly, and yearly goals in addition to daily goals. This last point was a big one for me; I wanted to be able to say that I want to do yoga weekly, and be able to see each box as a week so I can see trailing weeks to review performance.

Here’s an example screenshot with some different goal types:

Mike's Goals

Mike’s Goals

It’s been living happily and stably for some time now at, and you are more than welcome to sign up and give it a whirl as well. Don’t worry, it has great uptime and I keep daily backups!

I’d love any feedback, or better yet forks! Or, if you are happily using something else, please do share.